String Trimmers

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The toughest string trimmers in the field.




SST6SP  (Self-Propelled)





Rugged new Sarlo String Trimmers are built to provide lasting service even in demanding applications where the trimmer is subject to frequent maneuvering and occasional contact. Four high speed trimmer lines assure even cutting and are easy to change (and there are no spools to jam!).  

The welded, heavy-duty steel frame and bumper bar provide unmatched durability, while the powerful Briggs and Stratton Engine has the strength to take on wet, overgrown weeds and grass. Sarlo's unique anti-tangle spindle design features a heavy-duty steel U-cutter to recut thick or fibrous weeds and prevent clogging.

High wheels, plow handles and perfect balance assure easy handling and maneuverability, even on rough, uneven terrain. The trimmer head on the push model (SST6) is mounted off-center to allow close trimming even in the tightest situations. A clear acrylic safety shield and flexible rubber safety flap provide protection for the trimmer and operator alike, without compromising performance.

Sarlo String Trimmers are guaranteed...with a lifetime warranty on the trimmer head, a five year warranty on the spindle housing, and a two year warranty on the engine and frame.


SARLO SST6 and SST6SP Specifications:

Engine: Briggs & Stratton  2 year warranty  

Cutting Swath: 22"

Head: Heavy-duty synthetic; lifetime warranty against defects

Spindle: Anti-tangle design with high strength U-cutter; 5 year warranty

Rear Wheels: 16" semi-pneumatic tires;  ball bearing hub
                          (steel rim and spokes-SST6SP only)

Mower Weight: SST6 - 78lbs.; SST6SP - 90 lbs.

Shipping Weight: SST6 - 90lbs.; SST6SP - 102 lbs.

Shipping Carton: 39" x 20" x 18"